If you have any question regarding how to place a custom order, do not hesitate to contact me.


E-mail me  with:

1. A general idea of what you want (feel free to get inspiration from the photos, or a psecific theme, or the name of the barrettes or jewellery.

2. The foam and Rexlace (plastic lace) colors.

3. Any other details you want (stripes, circuitry, stars, holes…).

4. You location, in order for me to calculate the proper shipping fees.

For the falls, on top of foam and Rexlace, I will add other materials in order for them to look fully amazing and unique. Those materials will depend on the color scheme .    I will e-mail you back to confirm your order and send you a mail invoice via Paypal including the handling and shipping fees. You will be able to pay with a credit card and don’t need to be a Paypal member.    I will send the items as soon as it will be ready. It may take a couple of days depending on how many orders I have. The payement must bee done BEFORE I will send your order.    PAYMENT METHODS    I accept Paypal  unless you are located in Montreal. In that case, we can meet in person to deliver your order and you can pay me in cash (no shipping or Paypal fees).    Please take note that ALL PRICES ON THIS WEBSITE  ARE IN CANADIAN DOLLARS  and do not include shipping costs nor Paypal fees.    Please take note that for hygienic reasons I do not accept returns or offer refunds.    SHIPPING    I ship worldwide from Montreal, Canada.    Shipping may take several weeks depending on your location and chosen shipping method.    Please take note that I am not responsible for any items that are lost or damaged in the mail.    PRICE & FEES    Falls and barrettes price:

  • 2 short pigtails (about 11”, 18 cm) – 75 CA$
  • 2 long pigtails (about 18”, 46 cm) – 90 CA$
  • barrette – 13 CA$

Falls shipping fees (basic air rate):

  • Canada: 10,00 CA$
  • USA: 12,00 CA$
  • Other: 16,00 CA$

Barrettes and jewellery shipping fees (basic air rate) :

  • Canada: 2,0 CA$
  • USA: 3,0 CA$
  • Other: 5,00 CA$

Paypal fees :

  • (2.9% + $0.30 CA$) of your order including the shipping fees